My name is Freja Nanadowa Rohde Monney

I study psychology at Aarhus University. My fields of interest are Media psychology, communication and cognition.

I am a film director for the youth webmagazine SEIN

I am 24 years old

I have a multicultural background – my father is from Ghana and my mother is Danish.

I believe that the journalists of our time often paint the world’s problems with an excessive brush, and so the details disappear. My intention is to try to highlight new and different nuances and I find it challenging to zoom in and explore what aspects of the world a particular person is interested in.

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Rain on Canvas (2017) was created in collaboration with Aarhus Filmværksted and Jelling Asylum center. The film is a portrait of the asylum seeker Goran, and it’s made with the intention of not only showing him as a waiting asylum seeker, but also as the humorous and nuanced person that he is.

Mashi Halo [it was fine], (2017) is filmed in Palestine. In this film, I portray a young Palestinian woman, and follow her throughout her day.  The film deals with anything but Israel-Palestine conflict, since this is not a direct part of her everyday life.