Goran is Kurdish, 22 years old and a refugee, waiting and hoping to get Asylum in Denmark. He grew up in different refugee tent-camps, and so he has never lived in an house before he came to Denmark. In the two years he and his family has spent in Jelling Asylum camp he has leaned Danish, been going to school (for the first time) and has written down his story in books.

Freja is Danish, 24 and a psychology student at Aarhus university. Every summer she went camping with her mom, and so the tent and it’s sounds, smells and stories is part of her best childhood memories.

Goran and Freja’s different opinions about life in a tent, is the basis of this conversational documentary which was made during 24 hours in a tent near Vejle.

This film is a part of the Encounters series created as a collaboration between Aarhus Filmworkshop and Other Story. Each film emerges through an encounter between two young people; one a person seeking asylum in Denmark – the other a young filmmaker. The two young people lived together at Jelling Asylum Centre throughout easter 2017. This is the fifth film in the series.

Rain on Canvas was selected to OFF18 – Odense International Film Festival 2018

Rain on Canvas won “Best Documentary Short Film” at LCFF Barcelona 2018.

Rain on Canvas was selected the 30.08.2018 for The Daily Short Film recommendation by Føljeton

Rain on Canvas has more than 16.000 views

14.44 minutes